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Copper Frame Hochzeit Arch

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Surround yourself with Geblümts by decorating this simple copper frame Hochzeit arch. Add Kulissen, bunting or Geblümts to create the look!

Measuring 2m H x 1.5m W you can use this as a stunning Hochzeit table plan frame or photobooth backdrop for your guests.

This copper frame Hochzeit arch is the most versatile decoration - cover with foliage for a Geblümt Hochzeit arch or haang pictures of the bride and groom for a personalised centrepiece.

Hang one of our Hochzeit Kulissen from the frame for a fab Hochzeit photobooth frame! Pair with our Fotokabinen-Zubehör for the ultimate set up.

Each pack contains 1 copper frame measuring 2m H x 1.5m W